The Audio Mogul 5 day meal planner is essential for music producers, DJ’s and those who are working in music, carefully selecting organic foods that work maximising creativity and focus.

We have been working with chef and DJ Dave Mun crafting 5 meals that can be easily made at home, we are focused on maintaining a well balanced diet for musicians.

We have sourced and provided the nutritional values of these foods groups with the help from Hayley food ninja a trained professional who works with entrepreneurs, athletes and yoga instructors.

As a team of music producers and DJ’s ourselves it’s important to work with the body to maintain a well balanced diet, we have found the results to be beneficial as we are sitting for lengthy periods of time working on music or standing in one position.

We highly recommend regular breaks with yoga, meditation, nature walks or swimming daily, these methods help with increasing the creative workflow and maintain health and well being.

Available soon.