Phelan Kane (MSC)

His credits include sources as diverse as Placebo, Radiohead, Fad, Depeche Mode, Moby, Mute, Sony BMG, Universal, EMI and Warner Bros. In 2006 he completed an MA in Audio Technology from the London College of Music. Phelan Kane one of the very first Ableton Certified Trainers in the world and has been working with Live from the very beginning including building unique Max4Live patches and effects.

As pioneers of production you will learn to use: Ableton Live 10, Push 2, Pioneer DJ Dave Smith Toraiz Analogue Synthesizer, Subpac and Max4live.



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The course provides an opportunity for beginners to intermediate musicians engaging in a unique, intimate and tailored learning experience. Driven by a methodology on creative mindful practice and underpinned by a high quality diet, unique cacao and coffee from sustainable sources, our leaner’s are guided through a course that focuses on enhancing their individual creativity and unique artistic vision. Emphasis is placed on a wider holistic view of their creative process with the overarching aim of empowering them to creative novel, unique and expressive works of music via bleeding edge technology.


You will be required to bring a laptop with Ableton Live 10 installed.

Our evening session guests are here to help with publishing, running your own label, artist management, digital sales, distribution, women in music, yoga for creativity and events management.

Gareth Whitehead (Bullet Dodge Records), James Hay (DEXT Recordings), 

Rhyan Paul (Metalheadz), Suzanne Faith (Yoga Instructor)

Clint Lee (Booking Agent & DJ Heart Ibiza), Peach (Subpac)

Kim Booth (Cosmic Pineapple, Pikes), Jo Mills (Ibiza Music Pioneers)

Bekka Rawkins (Creative Collective), Gavron & Fourfourfour (Audio Mogul)

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Unlock your creative potential, we focus on how to make unique and original music compositions.

Secret Location Ibiza:

The Pioneers of Production music course is hosted in a private education facility surrounded by nature.

Ideal location for working on music production without any interruptions, completing the work flow set for the 5 days.

Includes, breakfast, lunch, swimming pool and bar.

Our organic menu for the week has been crafted to induce creativity and help master focus and attention to detail. We use locally sourced products in all our meals, served every day on the course including our speciality Audio Mogul coffee and chocolate for creative output and thought processing.

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Our natural and holistic approach to learning music has been tried and tested with amazing results, our students are testimony to the benefits of this methodology when learning. 


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We are limited to places so please book now.

Accommodation is not included so if you require this service please specify. 


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“I found the Audio Mogul coffee and chocolate bars to be really beneficial in the studio, giving me that focus I need without the usual coffee crash either. A fantastic compliment to those long music making sessions.” Clint Lee (resident DJ Heart, Ibiza Town, Ibiza)

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