Audio Mogul Organic Cacao Energy Bar

Our speciality chocolate bar is made from raw organic Ashaninka cacao by Pablo from Forever Cacao. A DJ and  Ableton producer himself, we have collaborated to bring you a new form of energy for DJ’s and music producers who spend their time in the studio or gigging around the world. This 40g bar of natural magic is 72% raw organic cacao with a delicate release of theobromine helping remain in the creative realm. We all need a boost when it comes to creativity and this bar is tried and tested and works when making music or travelling as a DJ.


Combined with Audio Mogul Organic Coffee you can feel the creativity flowing!

We are working with natures finest ingredients to help induce the creative in all of us who make music with electronic instruments.


We don’t recommend consuming more than 40g of cacao per day, please consult a doctor if you have any heart problems, allergies or respiratory problems before consuming cacao.  Theobromine is an active substance in cacao and has similar effects to caffeine so please use our products safely. If you suffer from headaches, sweating, trembling or dehydration please stop and consult a doctor. We are not responsible for the manufacture of these products and work in partnership on all our goods available.