Nomads Land


We are launching our monthly event at the beautiful L’Amorigen Cala Nova.

With a nomadic theme we are turning the venue into a micro burning man with art, performance and DJ’s who have a passion for change in the music industry.


Pablo from Forever Cacao with be joining us to DJ and prepare the ceremonial grade cacao for our guests who will be immersed in the experience bringing tradition and modern electronic music together under one roof. Embodism Ibiza (Zoo Project, Story Tellers) will be on hand to face and body paint and perform using poi, flag and fire. We love the festival vibe and now the summer is coming to an end it’s a great opportunity for the staff, residents and DJ’s to come together every month. We have some ver special guests playing and performing over the winter months showcasing their talents before next summer arrives.


Arnoud Lala will be building a UV DJ booth, creating cosmic lighting and adding his nomadic art around the venue, Arnould has created unique and original works and recently built a stage at Nowhere festival in Spain.

We have taken a very holistic approach to our event just like our courses, coffee and cacao we are at the forefront of change in music and are working hard developing new ideas using nature, well being and creativity at the core of our ethos. Families are welcome and you music try the wood fired vegan pizza while feeling the sand under your feet.

Pioneers of Production Course

Do you want to learn how to make original music using Ableton Live 10 and Push 2 with a certified trainer?

Do you want to make electronic music but don’t know how?

Do you want to understand synthesisers, effects, mixing and sound design?

Do you want to experience how yoga, organic food, coffee and cacao that can help increase creativity?

We are here to help you find your sound!

We are the first music production course in ibiza to focus on holistic ways of learning with organic produce to induce creativity while immersed in sound, frequency and vibration.


With over 20 years experience in the field of electronic music education we have the creative skills to show you how to become a pioneer of production and make unique and original music compositions. Our team has been working hard to bring you the best possible scheme of work for learning the best methodology for creative music workflow.


Phelan Kane our certified trainer has worked in the music education sector for many years teaching, engineering, mastering and producing music for artist like: Radiohead, Moby, Depeche Mode, Snow Patrol, Dido and Boy George.


Audio Mogul Pioneers of Production courses are a holistic intimate learning experience using the latest technology including Ableton Live 10, Pioneer AS-1 Toriaz, Subpac and Push 2.

Audio Mogul Ibiza Pioneer affiliates and friends will come and share their knowledge about the music industry, management, record labels, health & well being, yoga, meditation and how to remain creative focusing on finishing music productions.

We want to help you make the music you love and share it with the world!

We have fantastic location here in Ibiza catered for education with accommodation, swimming pool, yoga studio and bar. We serve organic food, coffee and cacao daily to increase creativity and help with focus and attention to detail.


For more information on our Pioneers of Production courses in 2020 please fill out the contact form below, we look forward to hearing from you.

Audio Mogul @ Pikes Hotel

We were invited once again to Cosmic Pineapple at the world famous Pikes Hotel in Ibiza. This time we had the privilege of DJ-ing in Chez fez from 9pm – 1am, the Audio Mogul team Gavron, Fourfourfour, Enon and So Sash created a soundtrack for the events theme of “Get your freak on”.

Cosmic Pineapple truly delivers something unique and forward thinking with stalls selling independent goods, crafts, cacao ceremony, gong bath, DJ’s poolside, meditation and a beautiful crowd of people from the island and beyond.


Event organisers Kim and Hayley are magical people with a vision that is in a word brilliance. As we become more consciously aware and build a better future in music and spirit I really feel we will see more events like this cropping up and less of the old school club culture and festivals. Paving a way forward for the music to develop with the new and more powerful ideas merging into reality.

WhatsApp Image 2019-08-14 at 18.06.00

I recently read an article in the guardian about yoga and meditation now available at U.K festivals and the younger generations become more conscious of health and wellbeing and this seems like it’s also taking Europe by storm as we say in ibiza “if you throw a stone you will either hit a DJ or Yoga teacher” I love this and what it means, the popularity of both has become the status quo.


I wrote about this subject a few years ago just when events like Morning Gloryville were making waves in the U.K and sound system originators Spiral tribe were running retreats in France, it seemed then times were changing.

WhatsApp Image 2019-08-14 at 16.13.46

Now a few years on and the music, performance art and events up their game and become more tribalistic, free flowing and full of love. I look forward to looking back in a few more years at the birth of this collective evolution the same as I do fondly about the rave scene in the early part of 90’s.


Below you can read the Audio Mogul Interview @Cosmicpineapple and learn more about what we do here in Ibiza!

Tell us a little bit about yourself…

My name is Gavron and I’m the founder of Audio Mogul thts now based here in ibiza but I have been DJ-ing and making music under various guises for over 20 years.. Back in the UK I was the resident DJ on the Radio 1 dance stage at Leeds Festival for 11 years, They were brilliant days but I’m now settled in Ibiza and loving embracing all the new creative opportunities on this magical little island

Audio Mogul sounds exciting, tell us a little more…

Well what I’m really focused on is supporting people with developing their creativity and stepping into their creative realm.  To do this I’ve dedicated time to researching and understanding creativity in all its musical forms, from classical music to the psychology of sound and vibration and its effects on the mind, body and soul. I was astounded at the depth of sound and how it can be used to heal, reward and give pleasure.

During this time the one thing that seemed to keep coming up was the creative block that all artists struggle with and it pushed me forward to find a new way for people to overcome this challenge and so Audio Mogul was born…inducing artistic creativity through learning, food, coffee and cacao…

How can people experience this at Cosmic Pineapple?

This will be our 4th cosmic and will be DJ-ing this time in the super cool Chez Fez 10pm until 1am.  Here people can step into a new experience and be taken on a journey to open their hearts, minds and creativity using natures tools; sound, cacao and coffee.  It’s been great to be involved with Cosmic so far, I feel it is at the forefront of change in music culture and we love that. We’re really excited to be offering this extra special edition at this week’s event, come and unleash your freak with us, there’s never been a better time!

You can find out more about Audio Mogul and all their creative offerings including Ableton music production courses here:


Audio Mogul: Elixir Bar

Our elixir bar was road tested yesterday at Pikes Hotel Ibiza in partnership with Cosmic Pineapple. Our DJ’s played cosmic beats from out of this world and we served organic coffee and cacao shots to guests of the hotel and those who came to party.


This was no ordinary experience as we had planned ahead and created special alcohol free drinks using hario V60, Jaile Syphon Vacuum pot and raw Peruvian cacao. It was like a scene from breaking bad with our equipment setup on the LED bar.


We are DJ’s and music producers and love coffee and cacao to help increase creativity and maximise focus and attention to detail and our products work in the studio and on the dance floor.


Weight, measure, time are all a part of the brew method working with both hemispheres of the brain making this completely mindful experience and form of meditation.


Talking with DJ and Producer Ali Love about creativity, Audio Mogul Courses, Ableton Live 10.1 and how to make coffee in the morning before entering the studio focusing on original music compositions.


In the evening the bar really comes to life with LED lights and the syphon bubbling, it’s like a cosmic lab on the star ship enterprise. People flock to see the spectacle and listen to the music played our very own DJ’s.

0b93e79e-66f6-4948-b17e-88f1f56e3168 So Sash (Audio Mogul Pioneer and DJ)

This was a truly unique experience and we loved Cosmic Pineapple at Pikes hotel, great to see so many happy faces and people truly enjoying the Ibiza summer vibes.

Coffee Houses, Culture and Music

Coffee culture has a rich history and music has been a part of this since the 16th century and this is where the story of coffee and creativity begins….

There were some places in the entertainment life of Ottoman addressing to various cultural levels and nearly all of them were musical in nature. Coffee houses as one of these places differ from the other musical entertainment places because of the fact that it has its own varieties as well. Ottoman Café was a distinctive part of the culture of the Ottoman Empire. These coffeehouses, started in the mid-sixteenth century, brought together citizens across society for educational, social, and political activity as well as general information exchange. The popularity of these coffeehouses attracted government interest and were attended by government spies to gather public opinion. Ottoman coffeehouses also had religious and musical ties. And Europeans adopted coffeehouses and other Ottoman leisure customs during the early modern period.

One of the most remarkable and distinctive features of musical life in eighteenth-century Europe was the astonishing level of productivity achieved by many of its composers. The sheer number of major works written by Antonio Vivaldi (nearly five hundred concertos, at least forty operas and a vast amount of sacred music), Georg Philipp Telemann (whose 1,700 church cantatas represent just one part of his enormous output), J. S. Bach, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven and many others, reflects, in part, the century’s predominantly optimistic, energetic mood, which encouraged writers such as Voltaire and Diderot to be similarly prolific. It was probably no coincidence that this age of almost manic intellectual and artistic creativity was preceded by the introduction into Europe of a drug that, although not isolated and named until 1819, thoroughly pervaded eighteenth-century life.

From the rich chambers of the rising sun, 
Where arts, and all good fashions first begun, 
Where earth with choicest rarities is blest, 
And dying Phoenix builds her wondrous nest, 
COFFEE arrives, that grave and wholesome liquor, 
That heals the stomach, makes the genius quicker, 
Relieves the memory, revives the sad, 
And cheers the spirits, without making mad.

Long before there was association with folk music, coffeehouses had a distinctive history of their own. In 1555, a coffeehouse was recorded in Constantinople. They spread throughout the Muslim world, and by the 17th century, coffeehouses were becoming popular in Western Europe. Coffeehouses appeared in England in 1652—first in Oxford and then in London. By 1675, England had more than 3,000 coffeehouses.  Coffeehouses did equally well in Paris – where they became major meeting places for the French Enlightenment. America’s first coffeehouse was established in 1676, in Boston.

The caffeine ingested in these coffee-houses had two mutually reinforcing effects. First (as the poem quoted earlier attests), it stimulated individual coffee drinkers, increasing their mental energy, alertness and sense of well-being. Second, as coffee drinkers interacted with one another, the caffeine encouraged conversation, the give-and-take of opinions and information. Coffee-houses became places where intellectuals and artists could test and (depending on the political conditions) extend the limits of freedom of expression. Caffeine thus helped to fuel the Enlightenment.

During the 19th century, coffeehouses faded a bit as their wealthier patrons were drawn away into private clubs and cheap liquor establishments offered their patrons inexpensive refreshments as well as “free lunches.” However, in the early 20th they were reinvigorated by the Temperance Movement and, more importantly, by massive Italian immigration. It isn’t accidental that places that had Italian immigrant communities, such as New York’s Greenwich Village, Boston’s North End, and San Francisco’s North Beach, were also where folk music coffeehouses initially appeared.

Coffeehouses tended to be small, intimate spaces—so single performers playing quieter instruments – guitars, for example –and smaller ensembles were a plus. Folk and ethnic traditions that called for louder and larger ensembles—like tamburitza orchestras or sacred harp singing squares, for example—did not become coffeehouse staples. The lack of space also meant that dancing was not a common feature of coffeehouses.

In 1948, Kerouac introduced the phrase “Beat Generation”, generalizing from his social circle to characterize the underground, anticonformist youth gathering in New York at that time. The name came up in conversation with John Clellon Holmes, who published an early Beat Generation novel titled Go (1952), along with the manifesto This Is the Beat Generation in The New York Times Magazine.[1] In 1954, Nolan Miller published his third novel Why I Am So Beat (Putnam), detailing the weekend parties of four students.

The adjective “beat” was introduced to the group by Herbert Huncke, though Kerouac expanded the meaning of the term.[citation needed] “Beat” came from underworld slang—the world of hustlers, drug addicts and petty thieves, where Allen Ginsbergand Kerouac sought inspiration. “Beat” was slang for “beaten down” or downtrodden, but to Kerouac and Ginsberg, it also had a spiritual connotation as in “beatitude.” Other adjectives discussed by Holmes and Kerouac were “found” and “furtive.” Kerouac felt he had identified (and was the embodiment of) a new trend analogous to the influential Lost Generation.[2][3]

As time has progressed and the birth of independent establishments in the UK, Europe and the USA a genre of music has emerged for relaxing and enjoying coffee. From mood lighting to lo-fi beats, a laptop and the creativity flows for those who are digital nomads and internet entrepreneurs. A sub culture moving away from the office and running businesses, writing blogs and making music with headphones in coffee joints across the globe.

Coffee shops have become the hub for artists, music lovers and friends to meet and share new ideas as they have for centuries before them…


Designing a brand: Warren Crawford

AUDIO MOGUL is a record label, training courses, coffee and chocolate based in Ibiza. They engaged me to create their brand and logotype for their first vinyl release and line of clothing.



I always start with pen and paper, as it’s a lot freer. And it means that you can go and sit by the river and think first.



I wanted the design to fit a record label, and a circle was the natural choice. The client said that his musical journey had been akin to climbing a mountain: the A and the M formed a peak in my mind.

AudioMogul_Logotype_Refinement (1)


I took that one idea and ran with it…



Clean. Bold. Simple. Memorable.



Eye catching design and colours, free of type: draw attention while retaining a sense of mystery about the label.



The peak at Es Vedra, Ibiza is the obvious choice of backdrop.


Pioneers of Production April 2019

We have successfully completed our Pioneers of Production Course here in Ibiza with Ableton Certified Trainer Phelan Kane (MSc, MA, PGCert).

His credits include sources as diverse as Placebo, Radiohead, Fad Gadget, Depeche Mode, Moby, Snow Patrol, Mute, Sony BMG, Universal, EMI and Warner Bros.  In 2006 he completed an MA in Audio Technology from the London College of Music, University of West London and became one of the first wave of Ableton Certified Trainers in the world in 2008.


Audio Mogul Ethos

The course provides an opportunity for intermediate musicians to engage in a unique, intimate and tailored learning experience. Driven by a methodology on creative mindful practice and underpinned by a high quality diet, unique cacao and coffee from sustainable sources, our leaner’s are guided through a course that focuses on enhancing their individual creativity and unique artistic vision. Emphasis is placed on a wider holistic view of their creative process with the overarching aim of empowering them to creative novel, unique and expressive works of music via bleeding edge technology.

Scheme of Work

Day 1: Introduction & Creative Programming Techniques

Day 2: Synthesis Techniques

Day 3: Synthesis & Sampling Techniques

Day 4: Max For Live

Day 5: Sound Design & Mixing Techniques (including half day at Metrica Studios)

image course 1

Creative learning, Synthesis, Max for Live and Sound Design with Ableton Live


WhatsApp Image 2019-03-09 at 12.02.07



Private Training Facility Ibiza:

The Pioneers of Production music course is hosted in the heart of the island surrounded by nature and woodland pines. Ideal for working on music production without interruption. Our organic menu for the week has been crafted by Gavron McKenzie to induce creativity and help with focus and attention to detail.. We use locally sourced products in all our meals, served every day on the course including our speciality coffee and chocolate for creative output, thought processing and computation.

Screen Shot 2019-06-12 at 16.12.34

Health and Well Being

We have concluded working with computers and music software can lead to creative block with possible detrimental effects such as depression and anxiety. When using natural products such as coffee and cacao the caffeine can help increase focus and attention to detail and theobromine reduces anxiety and helps with commitment to the task at hand. When making music sat for long periods of time the mind can wonder and be distracted, our CBD helps maintain the focus you need when combined with Audio Mogul chocolate and coffee. Set and setting are everything including taking regular breaks, nature walks and community culture. Our attention has been focused on this and we have developed a course, menu and products to help combat the pressures of modern living and musical creative output.


We have been working closely with chef and Ibiza DJ Dave Mun to create a menu that increases creativity based on our intensive research using local produce and organic vegetables in all the meals. Our partnership with Machina Coffee and Forever Cacao have led to our own unique brand of coffee and chocolate available on the course.


Course Testimonies

“Usually, I love coffee aroma though, I don’t want to take the caffeine to affect my blood pressure, the ‘Audio Mogul’ coffee effect was very slow and tender, it kept my concentration for the music and learning, especially with Forever Cacao chocolate. I have consciously eaten for almost 20 years, I regularly drink “chicory coffee and cacao latte” ( with nut milk), before my musical work, also sometimes adds raw chocolate or dark chocolate etc. I have evidence from my experience that cacao or dark chocolate is good for the concentration, ‘Audio Mogul’ coffee and chocolate are definitely a good combination for music work or any kind of creative work.”

Hideyo Blackmoon (performance artist, Tokyo, Japan)

“I found the Audio Mogul coffee and chocolate bars to be really beneficial in the studio, giving me that focus I need without the usual coffee crash either. A fantastic compliment to those long music making sessions.”

Clint Lee (DJ Ibiza)


Ableton Live 10.1 update

Amazing news from Ableton with the 10.1 update in beta testing and vespers gives us a walkthrough of all the new features including importing of wavetables, EQ and delay. Not forgetting the new automation features and key commands, this update is truly special. Enjoy!

We have decided to include this in our Pioneers of Production Ableton Certified Training Course. For more info and bookings:

We are offering 50% discount so get booking your place with us now!!!

ELPHNT – Sound Design Hacks with Echo Delay

Elphant and ADSR bring you a great sound design tutorial using the noise and morph function in echo, turn off the delay and map the max for live shaper to create unique drum sounds.

In the previous blog post by Afro DJ Mac you now have the understanding of Drum Buss, here you can use this know how to shape the noise function in echo to make unique drums for any production.

Don’t forget to sign up to the channel for more juicy video tutorials…

Afro DJ Mac – Drum Buss

Ableton Live 10 has many new features but one that stands out for many is the new Drum buss.

In this video Afro DJ Mac breaks down the new features in Drum Buss and shows how to get the best out of this effect plugin, add transients, boom and change the key of your drums all in one.

I have been in awe of this new tool and love the transients to add or remove the character in loops and when using the drum racks. The drive functionality is great when using sampled drum sounds from video sources and added compression really brings it to life.

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