Elphnt: Max for live Devices

Ableton Certified trainer Elphnt has started a series of youtube videos exploring maxforlive.

Maxforlive, a series of instruments, midi and audio effects with the the ability to control Ableton Live, build your own instruments and effects.

The Nordmann chord generator a maxforlive midi effect, with options of major, minor, inverted and randomiser. When using the Ableton live scale midi device you can generate many chords within the scale of choice.

The MDD snake midi device based on a eurorack modular sequencer, the perfect companion for those fascinated with modular synthesis and step sequencing. Ideal for Detroit techno and IDM music genres.

The ML distance is a free maxforlive device with XY working with distance and pan, work with frequency, width, pan and volume.

Don’t forget to sign up to the Elphnt youtube channel.





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