Audio Mogul @ Pikes Hotel

We were invited once again to Cosmic Pineapple at the world famous Pikes Hotel in Ibiza. This time we had the privilege of DJ-ing in Chez fez from 9pm – 1am, the Audio Mogul team Gavron, Fourfourfour, Enon and So Sash created a soundtrack for the events theme of “Get your freak on”.

Cosmic Pineapple truly delivers something unique and forward thinking with stalls selling independent goods, crafts, cacao ceremony, gong bath, DJ’s poolside, meditation and a beautiful crowd of people from the island and beyond.


Event organisers Kim and Hayley are magical people with a vision that is in a word brilliance. As we become more consciously aware and build a better future in music and spirit I really feel we will see more events like this cropping up and less of the old school club culture and festivals. Paving a way forward for the music to develop with the new and more powerful ideas merging into reality.

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I recently read an article in the guardian about yoga and meditation now available at U.K festivals and the younger generations become more conscious of health and wellbeing and this seems like it’s also taking Europe by storm as we say in ibiza “if you throw a stone you will either hit a DJ or Yoga teacher” I love this and what it means, the popularity of both has become the status quo.


I wrote about this subject a few years ago just when events like Morning Gloryville were making waves in the U.K and sound system originators Spiral tribe were running retreats in France, it seemed then times were changing.

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Now a few years on and the music, performance art and events up their game and become more tribalistic, free flowing and full of love. I look forward to looking back in a few more years at the birth of this collective evolution the same as I do fondly about the rave scene in the early part of 90’s.


Below you can read the Audio Mogul Interview @Cosmicpineapple and learn more about what we do here in Ibiza!

Tell us a little bit about yourself…

My name is Gavron and I’m the founder of Audio Mogul thts now based here in ibiza but I have been DJ-ing and making music under various guises for over 20 years.. Back in the UK I was the resident DJ on the Radio 1 dance stage at Leeds Festival for 11 years, They were brilliant days but I’m now settled in Ibiza and loving embracing all the new creative opportunities on this magical little island

Audio Mogul sounds exciting, tell us a little more…

Well what I’m really focused on is supporting people with developing their creativity and stepping into their creative realm.  To do this I’ve dedicated time to researching and understanding creativity in all its musical forms, from classical music to the psychology of sound and vibration and its effects on the mind, body and soul. I was astounded at the depth of sound and how it can be used to heal, reward and give pleasure.

During this time the one thing that seemed to keep coming up was the creative block that all artists struggle with and it pushed me forward to find a new way for people to overcome this challenge and so Audio Mogul was born…inducing artistic creativity through learning, food, coffee and cacao…

How can people experience this at Cosmic Pineapple?

This will be our 4th cosmic and will be DJ-ing this time in the super cool Chez Fez 10pm until 1am.  Here people can step into a new experience and be taken on a journey to open their hearts, minds and creativity using natures tools; sound, cacao and coffee.  It’s been great to be involved with Cosmic so far, I feel it is at the forefront of change in music culture and we love that. We’re really excited to be offering this extra special edition at this week’s event, come and unleash your freak with us, there’s never been a better time!

You can find out more about Audio Mogul and all their creative offerings including Ableton music production courses here:


Audio Mogul

Blogger, Ableton Coach, Coffee Connoisseur and DJ.

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