ELPHNT – Instruments from Found Sound

One of my favourite tutorials using EQ 8 single band frequency at 440Hz (A=440) when adding more harmonics duplicating the EQ.

this is a fun way to make instruments with found sounds, here is a list of frequencies you can play around with based on the tutorial.

Track Time Frequency Pitch

0:00 24Hz F 0:01 25Hz F# 0:02 26Hz G 0:03 27Hz G# 0:04 28Hz A 0:05 29Hz A# 0:06 31Hz B 0:07 33Hz C 0:09 35Hz C# 0:10 37Hz D 0:11 39Hz D# 0:12 41Hz E 0:13 44Hz F 0:14 47Hz F# 0:15 49Hz G 0:16 52Hz G# 0:17 55Hz A 0:18 59Hz A# 0:19 62Hz B 0:20 65Hz C 0:22 69Hz C# 0:23 73Hz D 0:24 77Hz D# 0:25 82Hz E 0:26 87Hz F 0:27 92Hz F# 0:28 98Hz G 0:29 105Hz G# 0:30 111Hz A 0:31 117Hz A# 0:32 123Hz B 0:33 131Hz C 0:35 139Hz C# 0:36 147Hz D 0:37 156Hz D# 0:38 165Hz E 0:39 175Hz F 0:40 185Hz F# 0:41 196Hz G 0:42 208Hz G# 0:43 220Hz A 0:44 233Hz A# 0:45 247Hz B 0:46 262Hz C

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