CBD and Creativity

Over the last 10 months, I have been taking CBD oil daily and the results I have to say have been phenomenal for creative output and general health and well being.

First and foremost it is so important to find the right CBD oil and make sure it has been certified in the E.U, low THC (less the 0.2% for legal reasons and lets be fair you don’t want to get stoned) C02 extracted in a lab has clearly specified what the oil contains, why because you might just buy a product that does not meet the legal criteria and has an adverse effect.

The product I have been working with has been grown organically in Germany from hemp, then transported to Prague for the extraction. The full plant spectrum is vegan, organic and mixed with MCT oil otherwise known as (brain oil). There is so much information online about the benefits of CBD but what interested me, can I be more creative with CBD, coffee and cacao and can it make a difference in what I create, teach and develop online. The simple answer is yes it has great potential for the creative mind.

Creative People Benefit From Taking CBD

Having a creative mind effects people differently. While creating is one of the most rewarding things on the planet, it can also be exhausting for your brain, impact your stress levels, and even affect your sleep. Creative people can benefit from taking CBD due to its ability to alleviate a few of the side-effects of being a creative individual.


So why has CBD the ability to work in this way and why does it help with the creative process, simply it stops anxiety and the fear of what you create and allows the brain to function logically and creatively simultaneously. Before CBD I would try and meditate to stop the chatter but now I can do both seamlessly due to the CBD. I can drink coffee with just 2 drops of 17% CBD and work on the computer for hours with no problems.

To top this off as I am usually quite a stressful person to be around this has given me a higher tolerance for levels of stress and because of this my skin condition has disappeared I knew was related to my anxiety and consistent worries lets face it working in music can have a lot of pressure attached to the task of living a creative lifestyle.


As research continues I have been in awe of the possibilities of what CBD can do for the creative market and how it can be used moderately to help those who suffer from stress and anxiety and take away some of the pressure from those who travel and DJ or have busy work schedules in music. There is no psychoactive effect from CBD but the benefits are exhilarating as we watch the development of this molecule.

30 Amazing Uses Of CBD Oil

I encourage you to do more research and feel free to comment below as this is one we should all be talking about as music producers and DJ’s alike who need to remain in the zone.

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