Remixing Adamski for Bulletdodge in 432Hz and 3/4

Occasionally things pop in in music production where you just can’t wait to get started, I was asked last year to remix Adamski, Gareth Whitehead and Werner Neidermeir for the Brood remix album and the track was called spinning.

The only stipulation was to remix in 3/4 as Adamski had specified when the track was completed and Gareth called me and asked if I would do this for the album.

I had been in the south of France for 6 months and was working with Bart Izard helping him develop his studio and move into a gothic church he had purchased the year before. He was ambitious and wanted to recreate the feeling of Abbey Road in St Girons France. Bart had studied music in Manchester and the equipment he had chosen for the build was nothing short of fantastic, you can see the list of toys here on Barts website. http://www.soundbringer.com/

We made a decision to use analogue and digital to make this remix and detune everything to 432Hz for the track based on what we had read about online and as we are not an orchestra we felt it could work at this frequency and as neither of us had tried before it was a great way to think outside the box of 4/4 timing and 440hz tuning.


The first instrument for the remix was Barts Santori we used the iPhone free tuner and changed from 440 to 432 on the app and then each string was re-tuned for the remix.


We then set the master tuning on the Korg Triton to 432Hz and proceeded to play the Santori and Triton together to make sure they sounded in unison.


We worked with the tuning of the kick and snare on the Korg SX meticulously to get all three instruments to sound right and harmonise together before we started to record in 3/4. 

Screen Shot 2018-09-09 at 14.52.32

With Ableton Live we set the master to 3/4 and jammed some backing beats before recording the Electribe drum machine in and we set quantise to off, so not working with a regular timing only the metronome and tempo set. 


One of the great things about this remix, we wanted to break some new ground and turned our back on modern music production and looked at other creative methods and a few of our own endeavours in the process. Working together and bouncing ideas is great when you are with someone who also respects and appreciates music.


We decided to record the arrangement in the Church (this process lasted 3 weeks and a lot of experimentation with analogue compressors, Lexicon reverb and hardware EQ) We found ourselves lost in the sound and quite literally spinning around. We used the Waves Doppler effect on the vocals and panned every track with an effect in Ableton Live.

The final mixdown went into Logic Pro and exported as stems and then sent to a BBC 1/2 tape recorded over a series produced for Radio 4 The Archers, Bart had in his cupboard gathering dust. We recorded 6 passes through the reel to reel and finally mastered after 4 weeks of studio time spent on this remix. We are very chuffed with the results and wanted to share the experience and we aptly named it the OLD remix. Another way to break free of conventional music production we worked with EQ fundamentals but the rest was an experiment and an opportunity to work together on this unique and compelling remix.

Available to buy on Beatport, Amazon and includes remixes by Swayzak, Plaid, Joey Beltram, 808 State, Colin Dale, Alex Smoke, Suna Path and Silicon Scally.








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