Cacao Ceremony Ibiza

Recently I met Char a traveller and open soul who had been to Guatemala and Peru learning about the food of the gods’ cacao, we crossed paths in a beautiful part of Ibiza and exchanged ideas about how to offer the cacao with music and dance using traditional methods and new technology combining the past and present to form a unique celebration and ceremonial experience.

Char had learned medicine songs, Pacha Mama (mother earth) the cacao and its magic as a wild heirloom heritage for over 10,000 years from the Ashaninka tribe of Peru. I have been working with the cacao for some time and playing electronic music from all over the world as a celebration to those who wish to join and open the heart chakra. My days of clubbing and festivals have enveloped and now the cacao is a bridge to the new way of unifying tribal identity.

Char has experience with cacao from Keith who is based in Guatemala otherwise known as the Cacao Shaman and her learning has taken place with Mayans and tribes from Brazil, Mexico and Peru. So we decided to work together and create an event in a beautiful Ashram in Ibiza with students on a Yoga retreat, the set and setting were perfect and we set to creating an experience for the guests.


Andrew Gibson who has been working for the DJ Growth Lab and a former student of mine came to experience the cacao and DJ with me at the event. 

I prepared the cacao 25 grams per person with 3 litres of bottled water, sea salt, chilli and sage picked from the garden, the process takes about 30mins and then let cool to body temperature. No sweetener is needed with this cacao due to its wild heirloom heritage, each dose carefully measured and served in the circle. This was the equinox and the turn of the season changing to autum and the perfect time for a ceremony.

Char started the ceremony with introductions and asked us to set our intentions letting go of the past and remaining in the present, grateful for life, love and the collective. She sang 3 medicine songs as we consumed the cacao slowly and held it to our hearts, as the drum beats and the cacao slowly takes effect working its way through the body in preparation of the dance.


The cacao can take from 20 – 40 minutes so within this time reflection and connection can be felt when Char sings and plays the guitar, everyone was deep in thought as the cacao moves closer to the heart. 

It was time to start the music and the lights for the dance, a time to move freely and express oneself to the music through ecstatic dance and sound meditation. Everyone let go and moved with true grace to the music being played and as the tempo rose the bond became stronger and stronger as the energy shifted in the room and hands began to rise and smiles on faces began to form. We were emersed in the sound and connected at the source reminding me of the free party movement in the early 90’s a tribalistic gathering of lost sounds bonding to sound and vibration in a dysfunctional world. But now this was different we were connected and not lost but coming together finally as it was intended many years ago but this time fully conscious and aware of why we were there.


Char closed the ceremony and we shared gratitude and thanks for coming together on this special evening. 

Our setup includes:

Mobile L.E.D organic coffee and cacao bar, stools, tables and 16 seats.

Off-grid DJ Boothe and speaker system.

Various Instruments and drums.

Face and body painting.

Poi performance and lighting

Please contact us for further information on cacao gatherings and celebrations we are available for events, retreats and festivals.

For more information on Char and her experience in South America please have a look at the website: http://www.charvida.com





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