Ibiza DJ Academy Get Creative

This month we prepared for 10 students to arrive at the Ibiza DJ Academy retreat working with Danny Savage (DJ Growth Lab), Martin Doorly (Reptile Dysfunction), Rob Anderson (Pioneer DJ), Jay Newman (Ibiza Rocks) and yours truly.


We wanted to give the students who attended 5 days something they would never forget and skills they could use in the studio, on stage and knowledge of social media and marketing. All 10 artists in the making had a one to one with us all to help understand where they wanted to be in the world of music in the next 5 years, this is a very unique experience here in Ibiza and a chance to experience new ways of working and combating challenges on the road to successfully achieving musical goals in the dance music realm.

I had the opportunity to use the new https://soundboks.com/ speaker that certainly packs a punch and is battery operated and can be used anywhere, as Martin explained. This new mobile speaker had everyone excited about the possibilities of intimate events in weird and wonderful places going back to underground parties for friends who want a different experience.


Each and everyone on the 5-day retreat had a very unique way of working and a gift for the art of DJ-ing and music production, 13-year-old Jake (Roomstar) came with his mum/manager Cindy and it was great to work with a young man with such talent who’s capabilities and personality was awe inspiring. For me, it’s so important that we share our know-how with the next generation and keep the flag flying in a scene that has now lasted over 30 years and to see the enthusiasm for what we created so long ago. Music has changed but the core element of this tribal identity still exists outweighing Rock and Indie music as a cultural reference. So many sub-genres of the electronic music scene have exponentially exploded and with social media and the internet can be heard all over the world.


When I start my workshops at the retreat we make the Dr Rocket Syphon Filter Coffee created by @audiomogul and Machina Coffee Edinburgh, based on the original Japanese tea ceremony using both hemispheres of the brain, logic and Creativity. Subconsciously preparing for the day ahead of making music or organising music for a DJ set. Soon we will be launching a series of products including our unique blend of filter coffee, cacao and CBD products for use in music and creativity. When combined with creative strategies and sound design making unique samples for the Pioneer S1000 and Ableton live using the Push 2.



Sound design and creative block are what I specialise in when teaching and coaching, these are subjects I find are not usually mentioned in college or university when learning music technology and older methods seem to have disappeared and become a lost art due to modern music methods using a computer. There are infinite possibilities when using Ableton Live and soft synths, a vast array of plugins and this can be daunting for someone starting out or for those who wish to make a career change and move over to the field of dance music creativity. All is not lost though as this spike of music creators who are succeeding in their field are limited due to the one trick pony effect, this is where I come in and share ideas of how to make music using found sounds and design your own from field recording make original and timeless music and sustaining a career in dance music. I have been working various methods and take inspiration from the likes of Robert Henke and Mike Banks who have made a career in music for 30 years or so.


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