Roger Sanchez Coffee and Creativity

Again we visited Metrica studio’s in Playa Den Bossa, Ibiza but this time for a very special interview for #thatdannysavageshow now no.1 on iTunes podcasts for music. Danny and I arrived early to prepare for our guest Roger Sanchez, a self-made man of house music and a true hustler when it comes to the grind.


Danny asked a series of questions and will soon be available for you to tune in, listen and watch the videocast. “I don’t want to spoil this”

When we were finished we had an informal chat about business strategies, creative strategies, the DJ growth lab retreat and finally coffee. Roger is a big fan of coffee and I shared the knowledge with him I have acquired over the years and how important it was to have a coffee for creativity. When I discussed the importance of slow-release caffeine and how to prepare a syphon and V60 coffee inducing creativity in the preparation of this alchemist of brew processes.

So I passed Roger a bag of the finest filter coffee from Machina Edinburgh and a V60 dripper cup and filters it felt like it was now time to share this with the electronic music creation population. So I have been working on a new and improved coffee method I call the Dr rocket coffee brew, using the V60 or syphon coffee maker and hemp CBD infused water with coconut oil. The Dr Rocket Mocha is the big brother of the Dr Rocket and adding Forever Cacao ceremonial grade to the mix with ice infused with CBD oil “you heard it here first”

Audio Mogul: Creativity is the power that drives us forward!!!


I will be making a new video explaining the process and benefits from such a coffee for DJ’s and electronic music producers who want to remain in the creative realm throughout the day when it comes to our first love, sound!

Tomorrow we start another retreat here on the White Isle with DJ Martin Doorly, myself and Danny Savage and I will be trying out my new method with the 10 students and gain their feedback as well as to be working on Creative Strategies, Outside the box sound design and one to one coaching.





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