Audio Mogul and Machina Coffee

Coffee is a science and a true alchemistic experience when done correctly. Vacuum coffee was invented by a Scottish marine engineer in the 1830/40’s. So you might ask what has this got to do with creativity?

I have been working with Steve Glencross: DJ, Music producer, and label owner in the nineties and the organiser of the Sativa dance music events in Edinburgh at the legendary Vaults venue. Steve opened two coffee shops in Edinburgh and has a coffee roasters in the heart of the city under the name Machina; trust me Steve has the knowledge when it comes to coffee and creativity.

We talk a lot about coffee and how it could be essential in the studio when making variants of electronic music and we decided the best method for this would be vacuum coffee, a slow caffeine release, nothing like the intensity of an espresso.

When making vacuum (syphon) coffee you are subconsciously preparing yourself for the day ahead using both hemispheres of the brain, creative and logic to make the ultimate brew. It takes 3 and half minutes to make and 5 minutes to cool to a temperature to drink and experience the true flavour of coffee. Filter coffee is not a new concept, but in the studio, we have found you can focus more clearly and complete the task at hand, thus remaining in the creative realm with maximum output.

When you look into traditions such as the Japanese tea ceremony, preparation is everything and this can also be said for music production as we prepare the sounds, modulate and arrange before playing to the listener. I have been demonstrating this method to music students and creatives here in Ibiza with a great response to the filtration method, creativity can be ignited in many ways and I will be sharing these methods on the blog but first if your a lover of good coffee give this a try or contact me for a list of products and preparation methods.

We have now developed our own filter coffee and will be available to buy very soon, we have been testing the coffee with artists and performer with fantastic results.


“Usually, I love coffee aroma though, I don’t want to take the caffeine to affect my blood pressure, the ‘Audio Mogul’ coffee effect was very slow and tender, it kept my concentration for the music and learning, especially with Forever Cacao chocolate. I have consciously eaten for almost 20 years, I regularly drink “chicory coffee and cacao latte” ( with nut milk), before my musical work, also sometimes adds raw chocolate or dark chocolate etc. I have evidence from my experience that cacao or dark chocolate is good for the concentration, ‘Audio Mogul’ coffee and chocolate are definitely a good combination for music work or any kind of creative work.”

Hideyo Blackmoon (performance artist, Tokyo, Japan)

“I found the Audio Mogul coffee and chocolate bars to be really beneficial in the studio, giving me that focus I need without the usual coffee crash either. A fantastic compliment to those long music making sessions.”

Clint Lee (DJ Ibiza)


Red de Mujeres, or ‘network of women’, is a large group of female coffee producers covering five different areas of Huehuetenango. The group is made up of 830 women, but this particular lot comes from the San Antonio Huista area and is the product of 50 producers. Within the entire community of women, there are 8 different Mayan languages spoken, highlighting the diversity of culture and language in this area of Guatemala.

screen shot 2019-01-20 at 13.09.18

Audio Mogul filter coffee is a new solution for creativity in the studio or when preparing for a night as a DJ. After intensive research working with Machina Coffee Edinburgh to find the finest filter coffee beans that work in harmony with the a syphon vacuum pot and V60 dripper, the ultimate way to make and experience fresh filtered coffee daily.

We recently had a poll on Facebook with amazing results proving coffee is essential when making music, 72% of poll voters drink coffee when they are in the studio.

WhatsApp Image 2019-03-27 at 20.02.06

Our coffee is now available from our store please click the link below:


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