Binaural 3D Audio Metrica Studio Ibiza

Yesterday I was kindly invited by Danny Savage (DJ Growth Lab) to visit a new studio in Playa Den Bossa, Ibiza to see what they had to offer and meet Shams (head of operations) in the heart of clubland. Metrica is a new concept studio with an equipment list as long as your arm and the latest in hardware and software technology.

We entered the office located in a hotel and were greeted by Shams.

The office has a space to film DJ sets with astroturf walls, office desks, sofas and the latest pioneer DJ setup not to mention the beer is on tap. They have been open for 6 weeks now and already the likes of Martin Garrix coming for studio sessions. After our introduction, we were kindly invited to see the studio and this is where a new concept 25.3 3D surround sound system is in operation using Sfear Ableton Live, Protools, N.I Komplete and variety of hardware compressors and synthesizers. Like walking into a set from Blade Runner the console and build of the control room has been thought about acoustically and creatively and as Shams said if they had more time the could have made a floating floor and added subs to fulfil the 3D sound environment. Never the less this place is a touch of magic and not your conventional studio with a strong team of gifted creatives.

Eric Brevig is the man behind the design of the studio and his son custom made the speakers in the studio.


Talking with Shams you could tell he was enthusiastic about the project and he proceeded to play us some music created for the 25.3 binaural sound system and began with a version of Hotel California, to hear the vocals go over your head and round your body was disorientating, to begin with, but soon you were captured by the experience. He then played a track they had created in the studio with lush strings and piano and finally he played us the music from an installation for Sonar festival, explaining to us after listening for 12 minutes if you close your eyes you can see colours and shapes.

Shams later told us they were working with Barcelona University on specific frequencies to help with the possibility of curing diseases and this was when my ears pricked up as I’m a big fan of Oliver Saacs book Musicophillia and led me to research Dr. Tomatis and his lives work that led to the Tomatis method successfully used by the like of Gerard Depardieu to help overcome his problem with speech. Adan Garriga is the director of the audio-visual technology at Metrica and manager at Sfear working at Barcelona University, I hope to meet him and interview him for the blog, he is the man behind the binaural sound concept at Metrica.




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