Ibiza DJ Retreat (DJ Growth Lab)

Recently I attended the Ibiza DJ retreat organised by Danny Savage and DJ Martin Doorly, located in the hills of San Miguel in a beautiful villa with a spectacular view here in Ibiza. I was asked to come and mentor 10 music producers and DJ’s for 2 days out of the 5 days they stayed on the White Isle.

Using the Dennis Desantis book 74 creative strategies, siphon coffee and Ableton Live 10 we set to work and accomplished a unique set of tasks for each of the guys to help them with their creative output and studio time plus one to one mentoring.

Danny and I have been friends for nearly 8 years and we visited Malawi and created an Ableton suite for Butterfly space a voluntary organisation helping the local community in Nikata Bay, Lake Malawi. We worked with the team creating radio podcasts and the basics of music production. I helped Danny at the beginning of his events business Igloo disco and designed the flyers and posters for the festival he organised Field Trip with Leeds promoter King Don Keys. We have a close bond and both of us have lived in campervans and this led me to come with my family to Ibiza to live, thanks to the man himself. So now I’m working with Danny and Martin on the retreat and creating new methods for music production and creativity using Ableton Live 10, Sound Design and Push 2.

When demonstrating how to make siphon coffee I introduced myself and background as a DJ, producer, music venue owner and lecturer at Leeds Met University explaining the principles of making a slow filter coffee and the attention to detail it takes down to the measuring of the coffee and the grind setting. When you do this first thing in the morning you set the day ahead and start the creative process before entering the studio allowing the brain to work from both hemispheres, logic, and creativity. Also, a well-balanced diet and advice from a nutritionist go a long way when you are sat in a studio all day and inevitably into the night.

After the death of DJ Avicii, I realised there was more and more interest in health and well being and the recent International Music Summit here in Ibiza there was a heavy focus on this subject. Meditation and cacao are now a practice of mine to help with the day to day music lifestyle and creative process. So these products and theories are now what I teach and share with students changing the dynamic of what you can do to help move forward in music production.

If you are interested in joining us on one of the DJ academy retreats contact Danny via the DJ growth lab and sign up to the group to find out more about the lab and meet the other members.







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