Veganuary, Decentralising Music, Social media and Creative Workflow.

So I have been using Ableton Live 10 and push 2 for 6 days and I have to say I am more than impressed with the upgrade from 9 and the new features on Push 2 are fantastic. I have deleted my Soundcloud and have applied for a Steemit account to use D-Music for new tracks and it’s free, the past is the past and the present is feeling like a good place to be. Decentralising your music and making a profit through cryptocurrency blockchain seems like a valid exploration, the time is now for musicians to work together and for media heads to join us and help create a future of amazing websites, photography, video and use these new systems available. January was a great month for me to start a new vegan diet and work with cacao to manifest the creativity in abundance, a plant-based diet to clear the body of toxins and shopping for organic produce and getting creative in the kitchen. I have been digging deeper into music I want to play as a DJ and found some gems getting my digital creates ready for the spring and the summer months ahead.

Creativity is more than just making tracks in a studio it’s embracing life as a whole and using the environment and technology together consciously and subconsciously to manifest what’s inside in the form of musical expressionism. So the next chapter is looking good and I will be sharing everything I have learned from diet to the workflow of Ableton Live 10 and Push 2 in the coming months as a form of training here in Ibiza.

I have been building this blog as a place to share content I feel is relevant to a lifestyle in music and from experience, I realise what is needed to continue on this path is more than just music and a huge part of this is sharing what you have learned with others. 

Social media has its place and is great for connecting with friends, groups and pages full of information if you search for it but it can also be a thorn in your side if your creative and want to use it for promoting your work and sharing it with friends. The new algorithm is making it even harder for those who have been paying for adverts and it suits Facebook and not necessarily the end user. The days of your friends jumping over to your Soundcloud or even as far back as Myspace are well and truly over unless you have a bank account the size of a condo in Miami and Google adds are way more expensive. Music makers now have to have a website, fans, likes and jump through hoops to be in with a chance of playing or even getting the email to say “we love your sound and want to work with you” I feel this is a false commodity and labels that work on these ethics and plays are missing out on a chance to sign something no one has heard. This was the case with Gary Numan he appeared, no one had heard of him and he was an instant seller for the record company. Why? because of just that he was fresh, new and had a synth-pop sound like no other at the time, this isn’t limited to Gary but a good artist use in this scenario. I believe now is the best time for musicians and DJ’s to meet up with those who are looking for careers in media and work together utilising the internet not just social media and get paid via cryptocurrency and make money online.

I see a lot of young wannabe producers and DJ’s burn out in the first few years because they reach a higher level and they disappear as quickly as they appeared, electronic music is not the pop idol and if you want to be sustainable you have to take your time to understand and develop your art. My recommendation would be to organise local events and keep them local for a few years build on it, learn from it and share it. Remember you want it to last and you want it to be part of your life, you may pivot and try something new or change your sound but that’s the best bit of it you develop your skills, personality and most of all you remain in the creative realm. I went to a talk with Viv the bass player from punk band the Slits and a member of the audience asked “how do we get more women to go to music college” she answered “you don’t get them to go to art school and learn music themselves” I understood what she meant you don’t learn music you feel music and play music and you learn the art of making music.

The best way to keep the workflow intact and make good art is to find your own way of understanding music once you have mastered the fundamentals and this can be done with a good book on music production and a go-to reference if you need to brush up occasionally. The true DJ and electronic musician will find a way of making music sound like theirs and make it look simple. I once watch a Transworld skateboard video where Tom Penny did a switch frontside flip over a chain and down a bank, he made it look so easy but no one skated the bank for years because it was Tom who made it look easy because his style was original and he had mastered his art before taking to the streets.






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