Mother – Juice and plant based cafe

Mother is 3 siblings from London who have a love for food and music, their approach to a plant-based diet is quite unique. Now Christmas is out of the way and we have eaten like champs the new year beckons and a fresh start for so many, a resolution of mine is to move to a plant-based diet and fast (I’m Pesco vegetarian). I have been reading a lot about the results of eating a well-balanced meat-free diet, regular exercise, meditation and how it can help with creativity and productivity.  So now is the time to challenge the mind and body and see what the effects hold, I have been vegan numerous times in my life but this time it’s a chance to embrace the challenge of living it. I am working with Charlie from Mother to create a menu planner focused on creative output and productivity and will be blogging about the progress as and when it happens. As a creative professional it can sometimes feel impossible to cook and maintain this kind of lifestyle but now I believe it’s all in the mind and we can change for the better in life, love and happiness.

Check out what Charlie and his family are doing in London.

MOTHER was created by 3 siblings, each on a different journey to feeling good.  Between them, they have tried almost everything (legal and otherwise) in a search to living a life they relish.  No matter what they tried the path always lead back to the simplest things; connection, integrity, health and love, Other things in life can bring transient pleasure but we guarantee that, deep down, the real answers lie with these – and we can each experience them in many different ways.

Spending years helping each other grow; we created a great understanding of what makes us feel good (and what does not).  This did not come from reading lots of books, gaining lots of certificates or sitting through lectures – this came from living and learning  – simply from experience.

As we are just 3 and it works for us, that may be enough proof but we are sure you will want more than that.  Start your own journey to discover whether what we are trumps what we have. Find out what path is right for you. 

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