Belinda Schofield – Audio Mogul Collaboration T-shirt and Tote Bag

Delighted to announce the Audio Mogul clothing collaboration collection, I have been looking for musicians and DJ’s who also turn their hand to art and design. Each artist has been asked to use t-shirts and bags as the canvas for their work, available now from our Tee-mill store.

Our first artist/musician Belinda Schofield a Leeds based bass player, collector and barber with a unique style in digital art.

Our t-shirt and bags are made with organic cotton, low carbon footprint, ethical and print on demand reducing landfill waste in the U.K and Europe.

Made by musicians for music lovers and collectors.

Belinda Schofield:

I’m a collector of sorts, old cameras, clocks, watches, vinyl, art, toys and music, music, music! 

A barber by day,  a bass player by night for Tee Hee Objects. I snip away to help fund my creative cravings. 

I draw on paper,card, canvas, walls, wood and digitally too.

Music can take you so many places in your mind and I feel it feeds into my artwork, 

Dark electronica to bleeps and squeaks, psychedelia, folk, dub it’s all in there weaving around.

Previously contributed artwork for;

Upfest Bristol

Ink For Aid @ Test Space Leeds

Birds Yard (Burning Yard ) Leeds

The Beating Arts Leeds

Deershed Festival (Best Joined Up)

Eiger Studios Leeds

7arts Leeds

Sunnybank Mills Farsley

Howl Bar Leeds (Mural)

Instagram; @solareyes


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