Burial’s Untrue: The making of a masterpiece

A wonderfully insightful look into Burial’s Untrue the album that reached out to more listeners than the genre he was inspired by. William Bevan appeared on the infamous Hyperdub label run by Goldsmiths lecturer, author and musician Kode 9 (Steve Goodman). Burial’s first album cross pollinated Garage, R&B and electronic music such as Chain Reaction and Basic Channel. The similarities to the music created by Moritz Von Oswald was uncanny but the twisted beats and sounds were different to the German label’s releases, a new sound essentially had been found.

This short but informative documentary takes you through the processes and sampling Bevan created in his bedroom and later to be nominated for the mercury prize.  Why? the originality and use of games like ‘Metal Gear Solid’ made it stand out and he made loops without quantising thus giving his music compositions something different from say a track made in Logic or Ableton.

I love his music and feel it’s important in music creation to think outside the box and not rely completely on the education and tutorials available to obtain a sound you can call your own. If you look back their are many stories like Bevan’s and a great example is Detroit Techno, when guys like Mike Banks tell of how they bought cheap equipment and made the most what they had, used the environment, SCFI and the local radio as inspiration. This music never dates standing the test of time, this in it’s self is creative genius and a good craftsman never blames his tools.



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One thought on “Burial’s Untrue: The making of a masterpiece”

  1. I gave this record a spin only last night – completely immersive 🔥 Loving the Audio Mogul vibes brother, I really should pull my finger out and drive out to hang you guys for a week. I’ll let it warm up a touch before

    ✌🏼❤️🔥 Simon



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