How to translate the feeling into sound – Claudia TED-X

Rachel Claudio is a musician and university lecturer based in Europe who grew up in Perth Australia, she describes how she uses sonics and sounds to share her emotions and feelings from the inner world to the external. Her set up includes Ableton Live, Push 2, Akai APC 40, Moog Phatty, Dave Smith Pro 2 and Nord Stage 2. As she describes in the video she uses these machines to perform without judgement in creative process.

I have been search the web for tutorials and creative resources to share on the Audio Mogul blog and was particularly taken by Claudio’s TED X. Her life has been dedicated to understanding sound and vibration and the love for music and how it effects us emotionally.

There are so many tutorials out there and I think for beginners it could overwhelming even destructive in the music making process, sure the basics of any subject are important, tips and trips can be of benefit too but I worry about some of the almost robotic and linear teachings I have seen online. If you are looking for a career in music it’s always a good idea to remember the music comes first and the career comes second, this way you can always make music without financial barriers.

The greatest artists break the rules and for that we are grateful, the science of any artistic endeavour should be used fundamentally and logically never creatively!


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