Lucky Paul Improvisation & Ableton Live

Lucky Paul appeared recently on the Ableton website with a video showing his mobile studio in a camper van. He records on the move and tours with Feist, original and quirky Paul Taylor’s music is unique due to his improv skills. Using a barrage of percussion, old keyboard foot pedal and the i pad he can record and loop in real time. He has featured on the Novation website and his video’s on youtube are fascinating to say the least, he rocks up in New York, Shibuya and Hong Kong to name a few hot spots. He sets up and has audience participation in the making of his electronic performance.

I have been working in the family camper van (Ford Dormobile) for nearly 2 years, playing around with new ideas, methods and using the environment as an advantage. Constantly on the move with the scenery ever changing it sparks new ideas, soon these will be transformed into tracks. Solar power has kept the power consumption to a minimum and I have been using Sennheiser HD25 headphones, macbook pro, iphone and soon the Push 2, with this I can work up to 6 hours on a battery charge (weather permitting). Off grid electronic music creation!

Lucky Paul is definitely inspiring check out the video’s and links below.

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