Chin Wag, MAP Charity and Justin Robertson.

In this episode of Chinwag hosted monthly by psychotherapist Chris Madden at Outlaws Yacht Club, Leeds UK, Chris interviews Justin Robertson who has an exhibition of his paintings at the venue. DJ and music producer turns his hand to the brush when his computer stopped working and revealed a creative talent outside the musical spectrum and with the creative realm.

MAP is a Leeds based charity trying to secure it’s long-term future and need to raise £2.4m to buy the building they have been helping children for over 10 years. Home to Cosmic slop events boasting one of the best hand built sound systems in the UK and by day working with students who have  a risk of being removed from a conventional education system. MAP offers local businesses a place and in return the independents offer support and guidance to the students.

“Our aim is to raise sufficient funds to buy Hope House & Foundry, a 16,500sqft Grade II Listed Building in the Mabgate area of central Leeds. The building has been our home since 2008, but our lease expires in 2019, and if we are unable to take ownership, there are plans to redevelop the building into luxury flats. Buying Hope House & Foundry will enable us to create a kitchen, a cafe, a roof-garden, studios, co-working, event, gallery and retail spaces whilst safeguarding the future of one of the UK’s most innovative off-site education providers. We are also looking to invest in on-site renewable energies, as sustainability is essential to our vision.”

I will be interviewing Chris Madden for the Audio Mogul Coffee Break podcast due to launch in February but until then you can check out MAP on facebook and watch many other episodes of Chin Wag on Youtube.

If you buy one of the Audio Mogul “Music gets me high” t-shirts I will donate 100% of the profits to the charity to help with the funding programme. (Audio Mogul Merch) (MAP Charity) (Chinwag TV)



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