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For over a year I have suffered from creative block and it has been difficult to manage from anger to frustration, I will always love music and writing but when you can’t express your feelings in what you love the most it become very tiring and one of the reason I set up this blog in the first place. So recently I have been reading about the creative process and writers block but the answers to the problem have yet to shift and the advice is very generalised. Now I have taken the time to look back to when I was most prolific and when I wrote the best music and like a lightning bolt the answer appeared. Diet it was the food I was eating, back in 2005 I was making music fourteen hours a day in a cold and damp studio and what came out of me was great I used Ableton, Reason and Logic and tried a original approach to Grime mixed with pop. I was having fun with my partner in Yes Boss Noah and we worked hard on our creative identity and the music we made together. I was vegetarian then as my ex wife was “nothing with a face” she would say and we would eat very well and healthy food, this lasted for years and occasionally I would have some meat but it was a rare experience. I have suffered from IBS as long as I can remember and for a time it was gone and I was on top of the world, then I lapsed and was eating a lot of meat and drinking I wasn’t making music and would DJ to satisfy the musical urge that’s with me every day, I tried other lines of work as I wasn’t very creative then and would mask the urge to make music with music events, promotion or gigs. I was running a venue with friends and everything went out the window in the way of a healthy diet, very late nights and consumed a lot of alcohol and worked in the dark for many hours a week. This had a very different effect on me as much as I loved the events I was unable to create anything myself.

I met Rose and we moved to Wales and finally I had a chance to be creative once again, this took months to happen and I was at a low point and feeling the stress of trying to be creative and free of city life. We changed our diet to Vegan as we were composting the toilet and we read it would break down so much quicker if we had a meat free diet. Once again the creative inside jumped out and I made a series of tracks, created Ableton bed and breakfast, a live performance and had 2 releases that followed on Bullet Dodge records. Looking back its crazy to think it was all diet based and the views of the landscapes, working on land and growing vegetables all helped the process. When we left Wales once more I ate meat but it was short lived and Rose became pregnant and we had a very strict pesco vegetarian diet and for the first year of our daughters life she ate only fruit and vegetables and was extremely healthy.

When we set off From the UK to travel once more our diet changed and my IBS came back and the writer’s block hit hard but once more I would DJ to fulfil the block and frustration. Now we are currently in Ibiza and the capital of dance music culture I needed to face this creative negativity face on and now I will be changing my diet, fasting and meditating. Sweeping out the cob, webs challenging myself once more to create and be creative. Making music is essential and I now feel the energy within bouncing around waiting to be released. Below is a list of foods and smoothies that work for me and if you are suffering from creative block give it a try and let me know how you get on.


The Studio Diet:

Breakfast Smoothie:

Avacado, Kale, Apple Cider Vinegar, Spinach, banana, pink salt and hemp protein.

Apple, Banana, Kiwi, Orange juice, Spiralina

Banana, Avacado, Spiralina, Kiwi, Hemp protein


Eggs (boiled) on rye bread

Omelette with red peppers (rice milk)

Rice cakes with peanut butter and vegemite.

Salad including nuts and seeds

Homemade vegetable soup (blended)


Gluten free pasta with homemade vegan pesto and sunflower seeds

Rice with steamed vegetable’s and soy sauce

Chickpea or lentil curry with spinach and potatoes

Veggie burgers homemade (lentils, mushrooms, oats, flour, polenta) with salad

Cous Cous steamed vegetables and homemade tomato sauce with balsamic vinegar


Fruit salad

Various nuts and seeds

Chocolate (dairy and sugar free)

Reading list:

Gorilla Food

Eat Green Get Lean

Making Music 74 Creative strategies for electronic music producers

Master Fasting System









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