The Studio planner

sunset-1207326_1280Hey it’s time to start and a great way to get this blog up and running is to talk to you about studio planning, not planning as you would expect from a spreadsheet or tasks but a way to get the most out of your day in the confined space you love to be in for so much time.

  1. A breakfast smoothie you want to get your energy levels up.
  2. A morning walk or stroll around a park (take yourself away from the hustle and bustle) this will clear the mind and make room for the creative process.
  3. Meditation and I repeat meditate for at least 20 minutes after your walk, mindfulness is key and you will feel the benefits of this practice over time.
  4. Dark chocolate and speciality coffee are optional to get the mind focused.
  5. Brian Eno’s Oblique strategies app or cards for creative block.

These are 5 steps I will be going into great depth about over time and breaking them down into blog posts. If you plan your day from the offset you have a very fulfilling time in the studio.


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Audio Mogul

Blogger, Ableton Coach, Coffee Connoisseur and DJ.

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